Underground Utility Locating Services

Our locators are experienced at finding all types of underground utilities, including water pipes, electrical cables, communication cables, sewer mains, gas lines and storm drains.

Structurescan Mini GPR

The StructureScan™ Mini is GSSI’s all-in-one GPR system for concrete inspection. This hand held system locates rebar, conduits, post-tension cables, voids and can be used to determine concrete slab thickness in real-time. The StructureScan Mini safely locates metallic and non-metallic targets within concrete structures up to a depth of 20 inches.


GPR technology is the gold standard of underground utility locating allowing locators to locate a variety of underground utilities.

Radiodetection 8000

The RD8000 is the best in class for fast, accurate, reliable and repeatable pipe locating and cable locating. The RD8000 features advanced features that deliver accurate, reliable and repeatable measurements.

Radiodetection 500

The RD500 is an effective solution for buried, nonmetallic water line locating. The TranSonde is fitted to a fire hydrant or tap and an internal oscillator reacts to water flow. This applies a distinct pressure wave to the water in the pipe that is detected by a seismic sensor in the receiver.

Fisher Gemini 3

The Gemini III is designed to locate large, deep objects--like an iron chest, an ore vein or a metal pipe. With its two-box design, it offers much better depth penetration than a standard metal detector. The Gemini-3 is used by prospectors, geologists and utility locating companies.

Fisher M-101

Used to find buried metal valves and boxes.


These FV-series transmitters are made of solid brass and the same tough urethane used to line rock tumblers. They are used to locate sewer and storm pipes.